Our story began in December 2012 with a long search for the perfect dog. The choice of breed was based on a successful combination of such qualities as driving, guard, exhibition and companion dog.

This universal breed turned out to be Yakutian Laika, and in the spring of 2013, our first puppy, named Viking White Sea, appeared in our house. Six months later, a charming and snow-white beauty El Flam Violet was taken to him in a couple.

In December, the first and successful debut of the Yakutian Laika in Kiev at the 2-CACIB exhibition “Kyiv Rus 2013” and the “Crystal Cup of Ukraine”.

According to the results, both successfully closed the title of Junior Champion of Ukraine and Champion of Ukraine, having received the highest marks.

In the spring of 2014 the nursery of the Yakutian Laika “Star Necklace” was officially registered in the International Cynological Federation (FCI) and the Cynological Union of Ukraine (KSU).

The priorities of the kennel are: popularization of the breed Yakutian Laika, selection of dogs with a stable psyche, their socialization and development.

The cattery continues its active activity. Our dogs successfully conquer all kinds of exhibitions, receiving the highest marks and praises from the judges.

In 2017 the nursery “Star Necklace” officially changed its name to “Altyn Arslan”.
(“Altyn Arslan” in translation means “The Golden Lion”)
New knots are planned, there is a possibility of preliminary reservation from the liked pair!